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Scented Candle Making for Beginners with Eureka Be

Scented Candle Making for Beginners with Eureka Be

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  • Scented Candle Making for Beginners with Eureka Be
  • Ins风甜美系の创意蜡烛「教你从零开始手作香薰蜡烛」
  • Instructor: Eureka
  • Course Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Teaching Language: English or Chinese (With English or Chinese Subtitle)
  • Scented candles have already become a therapeutic touch to all homes. It can also light up the atmosphere to be romantic, where the fire flickers and diffuses can create a sense of warmth.
  1. Self Introduction
  2. Tools Needed For Candle Making
  3. Types of Wicks Material & Choosing the right size of wick 
  4. Perfect Ratio for Wax and Essential Oil
  5. Creating Your Own Colours
  6. Beginner Entry Tutorials and Minimal Techniques
  7. Surprise Candle Tutorial & Minimal Techniques
  8. How to Choose the Right Mould
  9. Beginner Entry Styling Candle (Cube, Tulip, Strawberry)
  10. Glaze Candles
  11. Precautions of Scented Candles
  12. Conclusion & Encouragement
  13. Bonus (Floating Iceberg Candle)
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