Frequently Asked Questions


How do I purchase movie tickets through WeTix? Can I still make a purchase if I do not have sufficient balance in my e-wallet?

Simply follow the steps in order to choose your movie ticket until the checkout point. Please ensure you have sufficient balance in your e-wallet in order to complete the purchase of your movie ticket.


How many maximum tickets can I purchase through WeTix?

The maximum tickets per transaction is 10. If you wish to purchase more than 10 tickets, kindly purchase them in multiple batches.


Is there any additional charge for purchasing ticket(s) through WeTix?

No, all ticket prices on WeTix are equivalent and subject to online ticket prices of the Cinema themselves. Booking fees may vary according to different Cinemas and their terms & conditions. For more information, please visit the specific Cinema's website.


What should I do if my transaction was failed during payment/check out (eg: payment unsuccessful or double charged)?

Check if your e-wallet balance was deducted. If no, please proceed to repurchase the tickets. If yes, please check your transaction history page or check your email for the receipt. Alternatively, you may reach out to our Customer Relations by sending in a Support Ticket for assistance.


I would like to dispute on Cinema charges made through WeTix on my e-wallet account. What should I do?

Please reach out to our Customer Relations by sending in a Support Ticket for assistance. A Customer Relations officer will get back to you soon (Monday - Friday from 9am to 6pm excluding Public Holidays).


Can I use vouchers or passes through WeTix?

Only E-vouchers generated by and for WeTix will be accepted and redeemable through the WeTix ticketing platform. For redemption of Cinema-generated vouchers or passes, please proceed to the original cinema's portals.


During the seat selection on WeTix, why can't I leave an empty seat in between?

Following Cinemas online booking policies, leaving 1 empty seat in between reserved seats is not allowed. You may however leave 2 seats empty between reserved seats.


Will I still receive a booking confirmation receipt/email for purchases made in WeTix?

Yes. The booking confirmation email will be sent to your registered email directly by the specific Cinema themselves. As for the booking receipt, you will receive it from the e-wallet operator directly. Please allow up to 15 minutes for notification to be delivered. If you have not received any info after this time period, please submit a Support Ticket.


What should I do if I realized that I purchased the wrong ticket(s) after payment process has completed?

All purchases made on WeTix are confirmed purchases and any request for refunds, exchanges or cancellations will not be entertained. As such, we strongly recommend users to ensure all details of your purchase is correct before making payment.


If I am not able to attend a movie for which I purchased through WeTix, will my e-wallet balance be charged and can I request for a refund?

Once the online ticket purchase payment process has been successfully completed, your e-wallet balance will be immediately charged and no refunds are allowed.


After purchasing my ticket(s) online, where & when can I collect the ticket(s)?

You would have received a QR Code and transaction ID which you can access under the My Tickets page. You may scan the QR code straight away at cinema checkpoints which support the feature. Alternatively, you may also collect your movie ticket(s) from the cinema counter by providing the cinema staff with your transaction ID.


What are the other Terms & Conditions for specific hall types (eg: 4DX, KECIL, IMAX etc)?

Kindly refer to the specific Cinemas directly for each of their own terms & conditions. You may do so by visiting the Cinema's dedicated website.

For specific cinema-related enquiries, please contact the Cinema Operator directly: